Created by D. Yazzie on Arizona Navajo Reservation Heavely beaded and has rabbit fur

PP 331   $75.00

Created by Navajo Leo Jim

14" Long ​with medicine bag, beads and leather on wooden stem

​PP 330     $158.00

By D. Yazzie Features beads and rabbit fur on wooden stem

​PP332   $75.00

Bright turquoise beads​ with feathers and rabbit fur by D. Yazzi  

PP 329  $80.00

Navajo madefeatures beads and lots of leather. Bowl is small, made for seeds.

PP 326   $68.00

Very Pretty Tiguia Crafted

Features lots of beads and heavy feathering. Display Only Will Not Draw

PP 327  $89.00

Peace Pipe is 10" and draws. It is Navajo made and has beads and feathers with leather wraped around the shaft, the bowl is from a deer anthler

​PP 325   $35.00

Peace Pipes

These are not really peace pipes to us. Real Peace Pipes are sacred and we could never sell one. 

We sell what most of you refer to as Peace Pipes. These will draw and work very well. The tobacco bowl is made from a deer antler. They are Native American made on reservations.