Authentically made by Sioux Native. Signed, matte finish clay Bud Vase 4"x3"

NA-02R $24.00

Bud Vase 4" X 3"  Matte Finish.  Authentic Sioux Made

02 Natural Bud Vase $24.00

Sioux Made Matte Finish Small 3 1/2" x 3"

14AA $29.00

Buffalo Skull from 2 year old buffalo

Clay Made Planter Bowl 3" X 6"

03A  $47.00

Sioux Made Large Barrel Vase 6 1/2 X 4 1/2" 14B $47.00

Set of 4 White Oak Coasters

Crafted by Don Woods, Eastern Band Cherokee & descendant of Chief Great White Eagle, 1720 - 1807

Authentic Sioux Made Bud Vase 4"x3" Sioux Art

002  $24.00

Authentic Sioux Made

Long Neck Vase 7 1/2"X4"


NA-27G $56.00

Sioux Hand Made Clay Pot Barrel Vase 6 1/2 x 4 1/2

14B Glazed $47.00

Booger Dance Mask

Made from gourds & feathers Includes tied leather straps and bells to frighten off the evil spirits

Sioux Made Bullet Vase 7 1/2 x 4 1/2"

09  $47.00

Long Neck Vase

Authentic & Signed

7 1/2" X 4"


27G  $$47.00



Sioux Made Clay Squash Pot

Front and Back View 

4 1/2" X 5"  15A    $56.00

All of these Sioux made clay pots are signed by the artist and carry a Certificate Of Authenticity. Most are matte finish. A few are Glazed.

 If you need better or more photos, please let us know.

This beautiful hand thrown bowl is very heavy and signed. It measures 13" across the top, 6 1/4" tall and base is 4 5/8" across. It is signed by Carlton Francis with the number 49.

​NA-CF   $250.00

Turquoise  Skull

Made with real turquoise stones on a steer's skull. Skull is from Mexico, stone work is Navajo

​​SK 347   $300.00

Warrior Oil

Oil painting on thick leather

Most people buy these unique oils to hang over thier fire places or go on thier office walls. They are very collectible.  All of our selected pieces are of top quality work. We suggest that you hand them over a dowel rod but they also look nice in a frame. 

​Painting is signed

A 275    $278.00

Native Art Work

Oil Paintings, Teepee Decorations, Clay Pots, Baskets   & More

Art Work, very pretty things are important to the First Americans. Many years ago, life was very hard, so beautiful things helped to make life enjoyable