​These Weapons Are Real But We Sell Them As Art

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Bone Knives

The bone used in these knives comes from the shoulder and hip bones of the game animal because these are the most dense. Deer and Elk are the favorites because all of the animal sacrificed is used. Buffalo horns are also favored. $ 48.00

Buffalo Jaw Tomahawk

Made with a buffalo jaw, leather, fur, horse hair and has a wooden handle.

T 301   $125.00

Skinner Bone handle

3 1/4" long and steel blade 4" , has ridges on top. Also has a nice stop at bottom of blade to protect your hand. Comes with nice stitched leather sheath with belt loop

K 293  $45.00

Deer Antler Handle

Has a wolf burned into the stag handle. Steel blade Blade is 3 1/4" long, handle is 4 3/4" long. Comes with a nicely stitched leather sheath.

K 292  $50.00

Rifle Scabbard

Navajo made. Thick leather with medicine wheel, feathers, medicine bag, horsehair and wooden rifle butt

# RS 290   $450.00

Gauze Fabric Shirts. Embroadry designs of dream catchers, feathers, buffalo, horses & bears. Laced on chest. Long & short sleeves.

Medium, Large, X Large, XX, XXX.


These Bows are displayed by Donnie, a descendant of the Alabama Creek

Navajo Bow and 2 Arrows​ Bow is heavily beaded and covered with deer hide. It has rabbit fur and feathers. Arrows have bone points and crow feathers. 40" long, this set is crafted by curtis Bitsui, a well known Navajo artist

​B 351   $250.00

Navajo Bow and 2 arrows. Bow is covered with deer skin, and decorated with rabbit fur and feathers, 40" long.  Arrows have bone tips. This set is crafted by Curtis Bitsui, Navajo

B  350   $150.00


Stone Head Tomahawk

Has some age on it so there is no Certificate Of Authenticity on this piece.

​T300  $80.00

Native Knives

​Before we got metal, we used bone and rocks for blades