We make custom Creek & Cherokee Turbins

Choctaw Head Dress

Made by Lillian Romers, Laguna &

​Linda Lee, Navajo

Features a beaded head band, rabbit fur, horse hair and feathers. The back cap is nicely finished.  H 348   $400.00

Modeled by Donnie, Member of The Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama

​Palm Leaf Top Hat  Made in Guatemala 

Long strips of palm leaves are braded and sewn round and round by the Native people in Guatemala to form these very popular sun protectors.  These feature a rolled brim, with a 7" tall  top.  TH 334   $56.00

War Bonnets, Headdresses & Head Bands

      Long War Bonnets are worn by the chiefs along with war paint at times of Battle

       Headdresses are worn by the chiefs when not in battle

       Head Bands are worn by men and women to keep long beautiful hair out of their eyes

These museum quality head pieces are reservation  made with real natural feathers


Re-Order Takes Up To One Month

My grandmother, Linny Bell Patterson, 1893-1974, made some of the most beautiful headdresses ever. Now we buy them from reservations. Granny was an Eastern Band Cherokee

Currently, we only have sizes 6 7/8 and 7 in stock. Please

​allow 3 weeks for any other size. 6 1/2 - 8

This is a favorite of our Jason Paul, a descendant of the Seminole,

because of the UV protection

White Feather War Bonnet

Is made in Pawnee, Oklahoma. Made with beaded headband, rabbit fur and white feathers. The headband is decorated  with turquoise colored beads   WB 278    $700.00