Drum 6 1/2" Made with goat skin, feathers and beads. Hand painted by Jalee woods in primitive style

D  318  $25.00

Drum 4 1/2" goat skin top with beads and feathers. hand painted with primitive style by Jalee Woods, Tsaligi descendant

​D 317  $20.00 

Dancing Fan Made With Turkey Feathers And leather. Navajo 13" Long

​DF 311    $35.00

Dance Rattle Made with Turtle Shell Deer Leg, Rabbit Fur And Feathers ​Navajo made

13" long  DR  309      $144.00

Dance Rattles, Sticks and Drums & Drums

Drum 10"

​Tee Pees

Goat skin top. Signed and hand painted primitive style by Jalee.Woods 

D 321 $ 42.00

Drum 10"


 Goat skin top signed &  hand painted primitive style by

​Jalee Woods  D 319      $42.00

Dance Rattle Stick

Made with Turtle Shell, fur and feathers 21" Long. Navajo

​DR 308   $144.00