Dear Don and J.Lee,
I am happy to let you know that the Mullein Leaf Herb tea I bought from you on Sunday January 23,  at the  Native American Festival in Sarasota Florida has been working like a charm for my husbands coughing and helping me to breath and feel healthier all together too.   By adding honey and lemon juice (from lemons on our tree), we are both feeling much healthier.  We appreciate your guidance on the tea's usage. Your Spring Rain soap is amazing too. I will keep you informed on our progress along the way and look forward to buying more high quality products from you both.
Until then, you are welcome to share this information to whom ever you like. Thank you.
Best regards,
Michael & Stacey G.


Your Goat's milk soap is fantastic! I had eczema on one arm for years. After using this soap for a very short time, it all healed. I use this soap all over. I have even washed my hair with it. I have dry, sensitive skin and since using this product, I do not even have to use body or hand lotion. I used to go through bottles of it. This is the most moisturizing soap on the market. Keep up the good work.

Pauly D.

J Lee Woods

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Thank you for the prompt delivery, we received the dear skin bag on Monday.
My husband is very happy, its the one he admired at the Pow Wow.
He gave up coffee a while back, and sometimes drinks tea. I saw some on your website,
what tea would you recommend that's healthy?
Thank you,

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May 2..Jalee, Thanks for the update. My daughter's skin has cleared up and anxious for more soap. Wasn't exactly sure which ones I got from you at the Palm Coast Pow Wow, so thought I'd get an assortment. My age spots have gotten lighter and I'm very thankful for the pure soap you are offering. Any idea how long it will take to receive the order? I know my daughter will be asking. Thanks again, Debbie E.

May ...I purchased some organic soap from you last weekend at the pow wow in Canton Georgia. I noticed that even though you had a table full of  fragrant soaps on one of your tables, my allergies did not bother me. You told me that was because you used essential oils in your soaps, not perfume.  I bought two bars. I have just purchased twenty more from one of your web sites. I intend to surprise members of my allergy infested family with them. Thank you so very much for the wonderful, natural products you offer. Jim C.

May ..Mrs Woods, I recently purchased some herbal tea from you when you where at a pow wow in Georgia. I even bought a precious tea pot from you. I just wanted to tell you that what you said about my treatment  for my Type 2 diabetes was spot on. I consulted with my pharmacist  like you suggested. I will be buying your Sugar Balancer Tea from now on. I test daily and am having good results with your herbal tea. Thank you. E. Jackson

September   I have just learned that you will be in my backyard at the Whigham pow wow next month. I need 3 gift baskets of your wonderful Cherokee Botanical Face & Body Bars, and red tea. Please keep them around $30.00 each. Can't wait to see you again. Sadie W