13. Lavender With Flowers

              Very Relaxing

10. Peaches And Cream

9. Pomegranate 

To Exfolliate

13. Lavender With Flowers

              Very Relaxing

To Exfolliate

14. Olive Oil With Cocoa Butter

Very Moisturizing

13. Lavender With Flowers

              Very Relaxing

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate


Patchouli is believed to

be an aphrodisiac and

​natural deodorant

​3.5 oz. $4.25

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

8.  Honey & Shea Butter


Very Moisturizing

7. Spearmint & Bran

6. Sweet Pea & Jasmine

5. Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle is known to Heal Breakouts

Oatmeal is known to fade age spots

For More Soaps Go To


24. Unscented

 4 ounce bar of unscented For Super Sensitive Skin  $6.00

100% Pure Natural Glycerin Soap
Fine Natural Vegetable Oil Recipe*
We purchase Palm Oil from companies that comply with RSPO.
20% Kosher Glycerin added in most bases
Hypo-Allergenic     Non-Comedogenic        Biodegradable      No Animal Testing      No Animal Products*  ( exception is the Goats Milk Soap,   Vegan*     Gluten Free**    Soy Free
We purchase food grade oils (originating from plants) that are farmed by sustainable growers
Our raw materials are Non GMO

30.  Complexion Healer

Removes Blemishes, Prevents Rashes, Itching, Eczema, Fungus, Ringworm, Acne & Body Odor $6.00

​This is very drying as it pulls. Must use a moisturizer after using the Complexion Healer

​No Lye, No Phosphates, no detergents, no tallow no paraffins. Vegan,  Made from 100% Organic natural vegetable and plant oils. Will not become soft or mushy. Will last 5 times longer than traditional commercial  bar soaps. 

Contains Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, CoCo Butter, Native American Herbs  and vegetable glycerin. 

Our Botanical soaps are triple  scented with essential oils and natural scents from plants. We do not use perfume.

Cherokee Botanical Face & Body Bars

Green Clay And Geranium

Clays are great for detoxifying the skin. Our customers with Rosacea swear by this bar! $7.00


26. Orange With Orange Blossoms

3.5 ounces $4.50

3.5 oz. $3.50

                  3.5 oz. $4.50

16.Goat's Milk

Super Moisturizing

15. Almond (Contains Almond Oil)

​And Finely Ground Almonds

13. Lavender With Flowers

              Very Relaxing

13. Lavender With Flowers

              Very Relaxing

To Exfolliate

13. Lavender With Flowers

              Very Relaxing

Super moisturizing. Very good for many skin problems. Excellent for diabetics, eczema & psoriasis.

It makes my skin feel like silk!

3.5 ounces $4.50

3.5 ounces $4.50

3.5 ounces $4.50

3.5 ounces $4.50

18. Juicy Pineapple with

Coconut & Lime

17. Gardenia

Beautiful Floral Scent

To Exfolliate

To Exfolliate

Manuka Beauty Bar.

Very Healing For Your Skin



Created with Organic Oils Of Palm, Coconut, Olive & Palm kernal. Natural Sweetgrass Essential Oil & Rosemary Extract

3.5 ounces $4.50

3.5 ounces $4.50

​Sea Water

Sandalwood & Patchouli

Sandalwood Is Good For Sunburn

21. Roses With Rose Petals

20. Sandalwood

Good For Sunburns

Lavender & Comfrey

Our most popular soap for dry skin. Comfrey root is a skin cell regenerator widely known for its external healing properties. Ingredients: 100% Organic Palm, Coconut and Olive Oils, Essential Oils, Organic Comfrey Root. Certified Organic  Net. wt. 3.75 ozs (105g) 

Green Tea Bar

Our soap bars are made from 100% plant oils. Ingredients include : palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic shea butter, to give a creamy moisturizing rich lather that rinses squeaky clean, & glycerin.  Instead of perfume, we use Essential Oils. We use goats milk in our goats milk soap and almond oil in our almond soap.

Refreshingly Calming


3.5 ounces $4.50                                                 3.5 ounces  $4.50                                                         3.5 ounces   $4.50                                         3.5 ounces $4.50       

Lazy Lilac



A great topical healing product for troubled skin

Chamomile & Calendula Face & Body Bar

You could bathe in a tub filled with flowers, or just bathe with Wild Flowers Bath Bar. The fragrance is like your standing in a meadow filled with all sorts of flowers. All natural organic blend of select oils that are good for your skin. $8.00

3.5 ounces $4.50

Oatmeal & Milk

Wow! Powerful Scent To Wake You Up And Get Going. Peppermint And Spearmint


        Hypoallergenic Bath Bar

Vegetable Base of Organic: Coconut, Palm & Olive Oils. natural Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts

Each Bath Bar Weighs 3.5 Ounces Unless Otherwise Stated

12. Strawberry With Mellon

3.5 ounces  $4.50

Our Soap Contains No Lye

Double Mint


Healthiest soap for all skin types, even infants

Cedar Bath Bar

Great For Hunters To Use

While In The Woods

​4 oz $6.00

Lime Aid

Organic 100% Plant Based

Contains Palm Oil, Coconut Oil to fortify your skin and seal in moisture, Shea Butter for silky smooth skin, vitamin C to encourage collagen renewal and essential oil of lime to invigorate your lungs.

Just an overall great experience. 3.5 ounces $5.00 

Cherokee Botanical Face & Body Bar

Rosewater & White Tea

For A Luxurious Bath

contains Oils Of Palm, Olive Oil, Coconut, Shea Butter Native American Herbs, Essence of Roses & White Tea

6 1/2 ounces  $6.00

We grow our own organic lemongrass

Our family uses these soaps, so we make the best

3.5 ounces $4.25

Complexion Lemon

For Troubled Skin

Contains lard, vegetable glycerin, Native American herbs & whole ground lemon (pulp, juice, rind & seeds )

5.80 ounces   $6.00

For our customers with eczema who’ve had success with our soap, it’s not because our soap is medicine. It doesn’t heal eczema. It simply doesn’t contain the ingredients that inflame, irritate, or cause eczema to begin with. It minimizes both the redness and itching these customers have always associated with using soap.

Contains Activated Charcoal

Aloe Baby Bath Bar Organic and has the slight scent of lavender $ 9.00 

3.5 ounces $4.25

 Creek Lemongrass

Bath And Face Bar

Lemongrass reduces pour size

Blend of sweet lemon and natural lemon oil with actual lemongrass!

4.8 ounces

Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Corn Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, 
Lemongrass Fragrance



3.5 oz. $4.25

3.5 ounces $4.25

Tea Tree Oil With Calendula

3.75 ounce Bar

Anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. We've heard it being used for all skin types. Great for fleas, lice, dandruff, sunburns, and chapped skin. Ingredients: Coconut*and Olive *Oils, Essential Oils, Infused Calendula Oil*. Organic Ingredients

Black Soap

To clear the complexion $10.00

4 oz. $9.00

Anise Bar

Smells like black licorice, and is a great odor remover. It’s rather pugent and hard to be neutral about. You’ll either love it or…not. But for those that love it, we offer you a bar guaranteed to knock your socks off! $7.00

Shampoo Your Hair With Our Black Soap

No DEA (Diethanolamine), no cacoamide, lauranide or truth anolalamine. They all have the potential to cause cancer.

$10 .00

Made Using Native American Herbs


Created with Organic Oils Of Palm, Coconut, Palm Kernal & Tea Tree Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Natural Rosemary Extract

Dead Sea Mud Scrub

Musky earthy fragrance with amber and green base notes. Contains activated charcoal, sea salt, and various clays as exfoliants.
Made with Olive Oil, Soybean Oil
Coconut Oil, Corn Oil, Hemp Oil
Organic Shea Butter, 
Dead Sea Clay,  Rhassoul Clay,
Moroccan Clay and Activated Charcoal Large 4.8 ounce bars $6.00

Calendula & Aloe


Free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or any synthetics.  We use rosemary herb or vitamin E as natural preservatives. No petrochemicals ingredients.

Summer Rain3.5 oz. $4.25

Cherokee Botanical Face & Body Bar

Peaceful Lavender

Place A Bar next to your pillow For A Peaceful Night

Good for bug bites, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, poison ivy, sunburns & removing odors

Contains, lard, soda ash, Native American herbs & ground lavender flowers

6 ounces   $6.00


Lemongrass3.5 oz. $4.25

Deal With Dry Skin

DirtyHands & Dirty Kids

100% Organic Plant Oils

6 1/2 ounces $6.00

3.5 ounces $4.25 

Natural & Pure

No Colorant, No Fragrances, No Petroleum Products, No Artificial Additives or Shelf Preservatives. Contains only lard, Native American Herbs 5.85 ounces  $5.00


​Tea Tree Oil Face

& Body Bar

Eczema Relief

It is  reported that if it didn't clear up the eczema, that it didn't irritate it and make it worse either. In any case, it's probably worth a try! Rosemary and Lavender essential oils combine to make this one of our most popular soaps. Ingredients: 100% Organic Palm, Coconut and Olive Oils, Native American Herbs,  vegetable glyceryn, Essential Oils, and Organic Dill Weed. Certified Organic Net. wt. 3.75 ozs (105g)$10.00

If you've compared handcrafted soaps to commercially made detergent bars, you've probably noticed that the homemade versions smell better, soften your skin, and are creamier. They're also less likely to cause allergic reactions, since commercially made bars contain chemical detergents, petroleum-based products, and artificial fragrances that can irritate the senses. 

Makes A Great Shampoo. Removes Toxins From Your Hair

3.5 Ounces