Zuni Bear of inlaid  opals to sterling silver by H. Smith is 26" long. The bear pendant measures 2 1/2" X 1 7/8"


Carved Bone Feather Necklace contains bird bones, wooden beads and stone beads 24 1/2" long  $38.00 Created by J. Lee Woods

Fish are carved out of bone. 23" Necklace is made of bone & Wooden beads. Matching earrings are 3 3/4" long on  stainless wires. $48.00 for the set. Made by J. Lee Woods,

R 32 size 8.5 $180.00

Truly a one of a kind set. Bone beads dominate this design. Pendants are a cluster of little birds made of shells. The necklace is 20" long and the matching earrings are 1 7/8" long on stainless wires. $48.00 designed by J. Lee Woods,

Necklace and earrings are made of bones and beads with carved kokopellies. Necklace is 23" Long plus a 1 1/4" pendant.  Earrings have stainless steel wires and are 2 1/2" long. $48.00 includes shipping insurance . Designed and created by J. Lee Woods

Unique Set of bone beads and wooden beads with cute little ottors. Necklace is 20" long and matching stainless steal wire earrings are 4 1/4" long. The ottors are 1 1/4" long

Set is $48.00

Created by J. Lee Woods,

Nothing goes to waste. We eat the meat, use the skins for clothing, make weapons out of the sinew  and decorate with the bones.

​Bone Bead Necklace

Made with bird beads and black stones 25" long + 3" carved bone feather

Crafted by J. Lee  Woods

BN 289 $30.00

Bone Bead Necklace Made with bird bones and turquoise 21" long +clay  carved drop Has a lobster claw catch

Crafted by J. Lee Woods

# BN 288 $30.00

Bone Bead Necklace Made with bird bones, & turquoise stones 24" long + 3 1/2" long carved bone feather

Crafted by

J. Lee  Woods

BN 287  $50.00

Bone Bead Necklace is made with bird bones and is 28" around + drop of buffalo tooth.

Crafted by J. Lee Woods

#BN 285   ​$35.00

​Bone Bead necklace

Made with bird bones 31" long + 8 canine teeth drop

Crafted by J. Lee  Woods

BN 286 $38.00

Native Made Jewelry

Is Made From Real Stones, Sterling Silver  From Real Bones And Animal Teeth

No Two Exactly Alike

A beautiful turquoise in Sterling Silver set by Leander Nez, Navajo features seven rosettes of turquoises set in sterling silver necklace with matching earrings.

$400.00 set

Vintage from the 40's, Sterling silver shell squash blossom Navajo made necklace. Necklace is 22" long plus a 2" squash drop. Matching pierce earrings are 5/8" long. $500.00 includes shipping insurance.

Yellow turquoise and bone beads make up this 20" Wolf necklace. Matching earrings are 2 1/2" long on stainless wires. $48.00 for the set made by J. Lee Woods,

Corn Maiden Sterling Silver with quality turquoise, Hopi made. Necklace is 24" long with a 3" pendant. Matching pierced earings are 2 3/4" long. Price includes insurance


Petti Point Sterling Silver Necklace made with quality turquoise  has matching post style earrings. Necklace is 16" long plus a 2" pendant. Made by Lorna Mahkee from the Zuni Nation $300.00  includes shipping insurance

Go to page Reservation Made Jewelry for matching Peti Point Ring. Size 8 $200.00 R 31           Also Peti Point Ring R 32 size 8.5 $180.00

Carved bones and beads. Necklace is 26" Long plus a 1 3/4" pendant. Matching stainless steel wired earrings are 3 1/2" long. $48.00 set

Designed and created by J. Lee Woods



Turquoise and sterling silver by Harrison Harry, Navajo. set is necklace, dropped earrings and matching bracelet. $595.00  Matching Peti Point Rings on page Reservation Made Rings:

R 31 size 8 $200.00                                 R 32 size 8.5  $180.00

Wood And bone beads are strung between georgous turquoise stones to form this lovely 19" necklace. The matching earrings are 3 1/2" long one stainless wires. $65.00 by J. Lee Woods,

Sun Face , inlaid stones by J. D. Mass. set in sterling silver. The Sun Face represents healing, energy and giver of life.   $300.00

Necklace is 30" long made with bone beads, glass beads and large rough cut turquoise stones. It is 30" long and has matching earrings that are 2 34/" long. on stainless wires. $58.00 by j. Lee Woods,

Traditional Necklace made of carved stones and cotton threads fashioned by wrapping around a small vine or thin piece of leather. 32" long  $99.00 artist is unknown

I make these bone necklaces myself, just the way my granny taught me. 

I am happy to make custom necklaces. My youngest customer was 6 weeks old.

J. Lee Woods

Hand  carved Zuni Bears from bone are the feature of this 23" Bone Beaded Necklace. Matching earrings are 4" long on stainless wires. $48.00 for the set crafted by J. Lee Woods,

Squash Necklace set of Petit Point turquoise set in sterling silver. Earrings are post. $700.00 for set

Go to Reservation Made Rings for matching Peti Point Ring.

Size 8  $200.00 R 31     Also R 32 size 8.5  $180.00

R 31  size 8 $200.00

Carved bone and Bead Necklace  is 26" long. Matching stainless steel wire earrings are 2 1/2" long, Pendant is of Jasper stone.

$48.00 Created by J. Lee Woods