A beautiful turquoise in Sterling Silver set by Leander Nez, Navajo features seven rosettes of turquoises set in sterling silver necklace with matching earrings.

$400.00 set

Vintage from the 40's, Sterling silver shell squash blossom Navajo made necklace. Necklace is 22" long plus a 2" squash drop. Matching pierce earrings are 5/8" long. $500.00 includes shipping insurance.

Yellow turquoise and bone beads make up this 20" Wolf necklace. Matching earrings are 2 1/2" long on stainless wires. $48.00 for the set made by J. Lee Woods,

Carved Bone Feather Necklace contains bird bones, wooden beads and stone beads 24 1/2" long  $38.00 Created by J. Lee Woods

Hand  carved Zuni Bears from bone are the feature of this 23" Bone Beaded Necklace. Matching earrings are 4" long on stainless wires. $48.00 for the set crafted by J. Lee Woods,

Squash Necklace set of Petit Point turquoise set in sterling silver. Earrings are post. $700.00 for set

Go to Reservation Made Rings for matching Peti Point Ring.

Size 8  $200.00 R 31     Also R 32 size 8.5  $180.00

Sun Face , inlaid stones by J. D. Mass. set in sterling silver. The Sun Face represents healing, energy and giver of life.   $300.00

Fish are carved out of bone. 23" Necklace is made of bone & Wooden beads. Matching earrings are 3 3/4" long on  stainless wires. $48.00 for the set. Made by J. Lee Woods,

R 32 size 8.5 $180.00

Petti Point Sterling Silver Necklace made with quality turquoise  has matching post style earrings. Necklace is 16" long plus a 2" pendant. Made by Lorna Mahkee from the Zuni Nation $300.00  includes shipping insurance

Go to page Reservation Made Jewelry for matching Peti Point Ring. Size 8 $200.00 R 31           Also Peti Point Ring R 32 size 8.5 $180.00

Traditional Necklace made of carved stones and cotton threads fashioned by wrapping around a small vine or thin piece of leather. 32" long  $99.00 artist is unknown

Necklace and earrings are made of bones and beads with carved kokopellies. Necklace is 23" Long plus a 1 1/4" pendant.  Earrings have stainless steel wires and are 2 1/2" long. $48.00 includes shipping insurance . Designed and created by J. Lee Woods

Unique Set of bone beads and wooden beads with cute little ottors. Necklace is 20" long and matching stainless steal wire earrings are 4 1/4" long. The ottors are 1 1/4" long

Set is $48.00

Created by J. Lee Woods,

Nothing goes to waste. We eat the meat, use the skins for clothing, make weapons out of the sinew  and decorate with the bones.

​Bone Bead Necklace

Made with bird beads and black stones 25" long + 3" carved bone feather

Crafted by J. Lee  Woods

BN 289 $30.00

Bone Bead Necklace Made with bird bones and turquoise 21" long +clay  carved drop Has a lobster claw catch

Crafted by J. Lee Woods

# BN 288 $30.00

Bone Bead Necklace Made with bird bones, & turquoise stones 24" long + 3 1/2" long carved bone feather

Crafted by

J. Lee  Woods

BN 287  $50.00

Bone Bead Necklace is made with bird bones and is 28" around + drop of buffalo tooth.

Crafted by J. Lee Woods

#BN 285   ​$35.00

​Bone Bead necklace

Made with bird bones 31" long + 8 canine teeth drop

Crafted by J. Lee  Woods

BN 286 $38.00

Native Made Jewelry

Is Made From Real Stones, Sterling Silver  From Real Bones And Animal Teeth

No Two Exactly Alike

Carved bone and Bead Necklace  is 26" long. Matching stainless steel wire earrings are 2 1/2" long, Pendant is of Jasper stone.

$48.00 Created by J. Lee Woods

Turquoise and sterling silver by Harrison Harry, Navajo. set is necklace, dropped earrings and matching bracelet. $595.00  Matching Peti Point Rings on page Reservation Made Rings:

R 31 size 8 $200.00                                 R 32 size 8.5  $180.00

Zuni Bear of inlaid  opals to sterling silver by H. Smith is 26" long. The bear pendant measures 2 1/2" X 1 7/8"


R 31  size 8 $200.00

Wood And bone beads are strung between georgous turquoise stones to form this lovely 19" necklace. The matching earrings are 3 1/2" long one stainless wires. $65.00 by J. Lee Woods,

Truly a one of a kind set. Bone beads dominate this design. Pendants are a cluster of little birds made of shells. The necklace is 20" long and the matching earrings are 1 7/8" long on stainless wires. $48.00 designed by J. Lee Woods,

Necklace is 30" long made with bone beads, glass beads and large rough cut turquoise stones. It is 30" long and has matching earrings that are 2 34/" long. on stainless wires. $58.00 by j. Lee Woods,

Corn Maiden Sterling Silver with quality turquoise, Hopi made. Necklace is 24" long with a 3" pendant. Matching pierced earings are 2 3/4" long. Price includes insurance


Carved bones and beads. Necklace is 26" Long plus a 1 3/4" pendant. Matching stainless steel wired earrings are 3 1/2" long. $48.00 set

Designed and created by J. Lee Woods

I make these bone necklaces myself, just the way my granny taught me. 

I am happy to make custom necklaces. My youngest customer was 6 weeks old.

J. Lee Woods