Florida Indian Wars

Grandfather James Henry Jackson

was a Poarch Creek from Alabama

Creeks And Other South East Alabama & Georgia Natives

The Southeastern tribes were hunters and gatherers as well as farmers. The most important food sources were corn, squash and beans, which the tribes called "The Three Sisters." These ingredients were used in a famous Southeastern Indian dish called succotash.

The gender roles were well defined in the Southeastern tribes. Men were providers for their families; they hunted, built weaponry and built homes. Women filled the domestic role, caring for children and the elderly as well as cooking, weaving and creating pottery. The tribes were broken into clans, and individuals could not marry within their clan. Polygamy was not unheard of within the Southeastern tribes.

Many Southeastern tribes built wigwams for lodging, which were made of logs and sticks then covered in grass. Most of the tribes spoke Muskogean.

The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole tribes were largely removed from their homes during the Indian Removal Act, which was signed by President Andrew Jackson in 1830. In 1838, the Cherokee were notably relocated via the Trail of Tears, in which approximately 17,000 Native Americans were forced to walk to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma.

Poarch Creek Emblem




Our youngest grandson, C. J. Torrens (Named after his 6th great grandfather, C. J. Jackson)

Some Poarch Creek Men

J. Lee Woods & Grandmother Running Rain

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