Earth Day Festival  Reed Canal park   919 Reed Canal park Rd. South Daytona, Fl

April 21,22, 2018 South Daytona Earth Day See Flyer Below

​April 27,28,29, 2018 Daleville, Al at Culpepper Park  See Flyer Below

May 12,13, 2018 22nd Annual Mother's Day Festival Thunder On The Mountain,  Canton, Ga. 

     Boiling Park        See Flyer Below

 May 19,20, 2018 26th Annual Monacan Pow Wow in Virginia See Flyer Below

September 1,2,3, 2018 22 Annual Kapona Native American Festival, Harrisburg, Pa

22nd Annual Mother's Native American Festival

The powwow and festival will feature:
Native American Dance Competition
Native dancers only, please.
Grand Entry will be at 1:00 pm Saturday and Sunday
Honor Dance for Chipa Wolfe Sunday
Mother’s Day Honor Dance both days
Emcee: Jody Gaskin
Host Drum: Red Boys
All other drums welcome
Arena Director/Head Judge: Anthony Lett
Hoop Dancer: Cody Boettner
Feast for singers, dancers, performers and sponsors
Native American cuisine such as buffalo, gator tail, roasted corn,
Indian frybread and more
Flight of the Raptor with Ray Pena
Cherokee Living History Encampment: Sandy and Wahlalah Brown
Creek Encampment: Jim Sawgrass
Plains Cree Encampment: Katrina Fisher
Primitive Skills: flint knapping, fire by friction, hide tanning, earthen cooking
Native arts and crafts, jewelry and clothing
Aztec dancers
Tipis and living Indian village and displays
Environmental and Wildlife Displays
Our friends from Save the Horses rescue group
Train Rides from Wayne’s Train
Pony Rides, Rock Wall, Bungee Jump
Kid’s activities and much more

Pow Wows are the Native American people’s way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships, and making new ones. This is a time method to renew Native American culture and preserve the rich heritage of Native Americans   (Indians are from India)

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2018 Pow Wow And Festival schedule

Jim Sawgrass   Muskogee Creek


Don &  J. Lee Woods

J. Lee & Don Woods

Eagle Lands  Owned by Home Remedy USA LLC

We are Native American descendants of the

Eastern Cherokee  and Creek Nations

Our products are Native American crafted. We make some and others come from Native American Reservations. Our crafts come with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

We guarantee against crafter defects, not what you dog did to it! Our items are crafted by hand.

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