J. Lee & Don Woods

J. Lee & Don Woods

What to do with a standing dead tree!

Taken 1996 on the way to Estes Park, Colorado from Loveland, Colorado

Scheduled Pow Wows 2015 & 2016

​October   16,17,18, 2015  Wigham, Georgia

October 24, 24, 2915  New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam Park.

1853 Lock & Dam Rd.      Augusta, Georgia.

 Call Chipa Wolfe for more info 770-735-6275


January 2016 Auburndale, Fl.

January 2016 Sarasota, Fl.

​February 2016 Flagler County

March 2016 Ft. Pierce, Fl.

Eagle Lands  Owned by Home Remedy USA LLC

We are Native American descendants of the Tsaligi Cherokee and Creek Nations

Our products are Native American crafted. We make some and others come from Native American Reservations. Our crafts come with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

We guarantee against crafter defects, not what you dog did to it! Our items are crafted by hand so you may find slight differences than the photo representing  your selected piece. For the most part, the item in the photo is the one you have gotten from us.

Visit us at one of our Pow Wows...We set up with a 20' X 20' size display